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Jared Shlager | CEO

The CEO. As young as age 13, Jared Shlager observed how consumers were purchasing unhealthy products for their pets. Instead of spending his summers with his friends at camp, he worked under the COO of Rolf Hagen, Corp., a multimillion-dollar empire in the pet industry. Shlager would spend his next five summers completing projects in every department; sales, marketing, purchasing, accounting, I.T., warehousing, etc. This enabled him to learn every aspect of running a successful business.

Still in high school, Shlager started his first company, currently known as Shlager Enterprises, Inc., where he taught himself how to graphic design, for the purpose of designing high quality dog toys. He would then sell his dog toy concepts to some of the top manufacturers in the industry, such as Ethical Pet Products, Beefeaters, Multipet International, and several successful others.

Before turning 20, Shlager began branching out into E-commerce. He had the goal of creating the most trusted, healthiest online pet supply store in the U.S. When he wasn’t studying, Shlager was busy building multiple pet e-commerce sites from his dorm room at the University of Tampa. He was interviewed on a couple local news stations and had a cover story on the University website for his achievements. Shlager graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Entrepreneurship in 2014.

In November of 2015, the Governor of Florida invited Shlager to a Cabinet meeting, where he received the Governor's Young Entrepreneur Award, by Governor Rick Scott. Shlager was also awarded Pet Age's 2015 Top Forty under 40 in the pet industry, and was publicized on the cover of the December issue of 2015.

Today, at age 27, Shlager has built another business called Boston Treat House, a dba of Shlager Enterprises, Inc. After Shlager predicted the new market of novel proteins, he started studying the nutritional values of the unique animals. For the past few years, Shlager has made strong relationships with the owners of the largest farms, in the USA, that responsibly raise and harvest various exotic animals. Shlager then began to plan out the difficult logistics to make the new concept feasible and profitable. Overall, Boston Treat House is an innovative, pet consumable start-up that focuses on developing the future of animal health & wellness in dogs, cats, and horses. 


Boston Treat House

Mission Statement: The health and well-being of all animals is of the utmost importance to Boston Treat House. Therefore, we are committed to creating, producing, and selling cutting edge consumables to meet the unmet demands of the Millennial, who owns a pet. These products will be produced using best practices during the manufacturing process. Our mission is to have Boston Treat House recognized as the leading innovator in exotic consumables, for the health and wellness sector, throughout the pet industry.

Vision Statement: Boston Treat house will become the leading innovator, producer and distributor of exotic consumables, for health and wellness, by utilizing novel ingredients to help decrease the effects of allergies in dogs, cats and horses.


Join The #MosaicMovement

A Healthier Lifestyle. Whether pet owners purchase our healthy, exotic treats and chews from Mosaic, or from one of our few competitors, we encourage all to put their furry loved ones on an exotic protein diet.

An exotic, or novel, protein diet will benefit pets that have food allergies to common proteins; chicken, beef, pork. These unique proteins are also beneficial for pets that have weight-control issues, as these exotic meats are higher in protein and lower in fat than your pets’ everyday common-protein diet.

Give your pets the gift of good health by joining the Mosaic Movement!